Mysterious Bear/Dog Hybrid Drives Internet Crazy (Photos)


A photo of a mysterious bear/dog hybrid surfaced online, prompting viewers across the Internet to speculate on what exactly the adorable creature is.

The picture first appeared on Reddit with the caption, “Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care,” and it quickly went viral — with many Redditors offering their guesses as to what the animal was.

“That’s a mixed Pomeranian isn’t it?” one Redditor wrote.

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“Can someone explain to my wife that that’s not a bear,” another commented.

After much debate, Buzzfeed tracked down the creature’s owner and got an answer once and for all. The animal is, in fact, a Pomeranian mix — whose name is Bounce. Bounce’s owner, Elizabeth Maguyon, is from Georgia.

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The photo that spread across the Internet was taken at a West Nashville boarder called The Dog Spot. 

“I had texted the one photo to several friends jokingly saying she was a bear,” Dog Spot employee Ryan Horn told Buzzfeed. “One friend, Lanier Basenberg, shared the photo to Reddit…and it just took off from there!”

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Sources: Buzzfeed, Reddit / Photo credit: Buzzfeed

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