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Dog Humps TV Reporter's Leg During Live Report (Video)

TV reporter Earle Farrell, of WHBQ Fox 13 in Memphis, was trying to do a live report near the Millington Regional Jetport in Shelby County, Tennessee, on Feb. 26 when a stray dog began humping his leg (video below).

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the airport on Feb. 27, which Farrell was trying to give a preview of, but the frisky canine ruined the live shot, notes Mediaite.

“I’ve got a dog that’s apparently taking a liking to me,” Farrell stated. “Down boy, get out of here! It's a stray dog, I'm really kinda of, I tell ya, we’re going to come back to you because I can’t get this thing to leave me alone. We’ll be back.”

Farrell got around the dog's efforts by noting on his Twitter page about Trump's scheduled rally: "They have opened the Hanger doors where Trump will speak to what is expected to be a large crowd Saturday."

Farrell also tweeted: "The moon this morning over the Millington Jetport were Trump will speak at 6pm Sat. Get there 2hrs"

Sources: Mediaite, Earle Farrell/Twitter (2) / Photo credit: YouTube

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