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Mishka The Husky Responds To Her Owner's Questions (Video)

Mishka the Husky was a gifted dog, able to vocalize English phrases with her howling. Following the celebrity canine's death, here is a lighthearted snapshot from her life, responding to her owner's playful questions (video below).

"Do you love me?" Mishka's owner asks as she records the Siberian husky standing atop a staircase, according to Shareably.

The famous dog replies with a pronounced howl, knocking her head back and unmistakably barking out, "I love you!"

As Mishka begins to trot away into another room, her owner playfully queries, "Are you stupid?"

"No!" the husky emphatically responds with a sassy howl, eliciting laughs and cheers from her astonished family.

Born in 2002, Mishka became a viral sensation when her family began recording her unusual talent in their home in South Amboy, New Jersey. In 2008, a YouTube video featuring the husky crooning out "I love you" broke the internet, and it has since been viewed more than 100 million times, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

Mishka and other animals like her have prompted cognitive scientists to conduct studies that could challenge the perception that only humans are capable of communicating through speech.

Marcus Perlman of the Max Planck Institute, who led a 2015 study into a gorilla's vocal patterns, has cited Mishka's viral hits as an inspiration.

"These kinds of videos suggest ... that the vocal tract more broadly may have the potential to produce speechlike sounds," Perlman told The Washington Post. The cognitive scientist added that his studies into apes' speech patterns had indicated that speech is "not particular to humans."

On Feb. 16, Mishka's owners disclosed their beloved pet had cancer.

"I wish I had good news," said Matt Gardea, the father of Mishka's family. "Mishka has a cancerous mast cell tumor."

Mischka's family established a GoFundMe page for sympathetic fans to help chip in to help cover the husky's medical costs.

"Your support is overwhelming, it really shows how many lives Mishka has touched over the years," Gardea added. "Thank you."

On April 5, Gardea announced that Mishka had succumbed to her cancer and died.

"I'm sad to say that Mishka has passed on," Gardea wrote on Mishka the Talking Husky's official Facebook page. "She stayed strong until the end and went peacefully. We will miss her terribly but now in our hearts that it was her time to go."

The famous dog was 14 years old.

Gardea added that Mishka "was a true celebrity in every sense ... Our very special girl brought joy and love to people worldwide."

The bereaved pet owner concluded that the talking husky "will never be forgotten. Rest in peace sweet girl... We love you."

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