Dog Figures Out How To Get Large Stick Across Narrow Bridge (Video)


A smart dog saw a problem in front of him and impressively solved it in no time at all.

Video of the intelligent pet, posted below, quickly went viral after garnering over one million views in just two days. In the video, the dog – named Theo – was seen with a large, long stick in his mouth while standing in front of a narrow bridge. Without thumbs, the dog seemingly had no way of gettin the stick across the bridge in one piece. 

Theo started his attempts to make it across the bridge by holding the stick long ways in his mouth and pushing his way through. With encouragement from his owner, Theo quickly began thinking through his options.

He angled the stick a number of different ways to no avail, before ultimately figuring out that if he turned his head sideways and angeled the stick diagonally, he could walk across the bridge with the stick intact. 

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Finally, Theo was able to make it across the bridge with his stick still in one piece. "That's a good boy!" his owner, who filmed the clip, exclaimed. "You did it!"

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube

Photo Credit: youtube.com


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