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Dog Dances With Her Owner During Freestyle Competition And It's Pretty Amazing (Video)

Dogs are man’s best friend and this video will show you that they can also be great dance partners. Dogs are fast learners, with lots of stamina.

In the video, border collie Lizzy and her owner Sandra Roth can be seen performing in the Open European Championship 2014 dog dance freestyle championship in Stuttgart, Germany.

Rare notes that not only is the crowd amazed that Lizzy is remembering and performing the choreographed moves, but she is free styling, as well.

Check out the duo’s performance:

While Lizzy started training when she was a puppy, she and her owner had experienced problems along the way.

“So our main focus for the first three years was on her social behaviour and not on dog sports,” Roth, who has been a ballet and jazz dancer for over 24 years, wrote on the competition's site. “We are still struggeling (sic), but Freestyle also helps us to overcome some problems and challenges.”

“We have been doing performances for 2 years now and we are competing in freestyle for one year now,” she added. “We also fell in love with Heelwork to Music which just comes naturally to her (and to me as well).”

Sources: Rare, OEC 2014

Photo Credit: Sandra Roth/YouTube


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