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Dog Alerts Officer And Helps Save Owner's Life (Video)

A heroic dog helped save his owner’s life by alerting a police officer about her as she sat on her porch, unresponsive (video below).

In February, Crystal Lauer of Germantown, Wisconsin, was out walking her dog in her yard in temperatures nearing zero degrees when she passed out on the porch. An hour later, the panicked dog knew something was wrong and ran to get help.

Meanwhile, Officer Jeff Gonzalez was out on patrol when he spotted the dog running around. He tried to chase after it, but the dog kept getting away. Eventually, the dog lead Gonzalez straight to Lauer’s house where he found the woman slumped over after being out in the freezing temperatures for an hour.

“She was wearing her pajamas and a housecoat and she was slumped over and unresponsive,” Gonzalez told TMJ.

The officer dragged the woman inside and immediately called for help. She was rushed to the hospital and made it through the ordeal. Doctors say she passed out due to a heart condition, and now, both the dog and Gonzalez are being hailed as heroes.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with that,” Gonzalez said of the new title. “A bunch of circumstances came together and that’s my job, I thought it was neat, the connection with the dog. It was like a Lassie moment.”

Lauer says she doesn’t remember anything that happened but does realize she’d most likely be dead if things didn’t go the way they did.

Sources: LiftBump, TMJ / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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