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Does This Teen Girl Have The World's Longest Tongue? (Video)

Adrianne Lewis, 18, from Twin Lakes, Michigan, claims to have a 4-inch tongue.

If so, Lewis would break the Guinness World Record currently held by Nick Stoeberl, who has a 3.9-inch appendage.

Lewis recently told Barcroft TV that she can touch her elbow, nose and chin with her tongue. She can also touch her eye, with a little help from her hand (video below).

Lewis believes she inherited her super-long tongue from her mother and grandparents, but also believes that sticking her tongue out during childhood may have helped increase the length.

Lewis claims her tongue was an easy way to scare bullies away in elementary school.

At age 13, she contacted "Ripley’s Believe It Or Not" and was featured in their books, but the Guinness World Record has always eluded her.

However, she is in talks with Guinness, so that may change.

Lewis created a YouTube channel where she answers clean questions about her tongue. She has received comments from as far away as Africa, noted Medical Daily.

According to, the current female world record holder is Chanel Tapper, whose tongue measures 3.8 inches.

Sources: Barcroft TV, Medical Daily,, YouTube
Image Credit: Barcroft TV Screenshot


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