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'Do You Remember Me?': Mother Posts Video To Son In College After He Neglects To Call Her

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A mother in Pennsylvania took to social media to record a video (below) for her son in an effort to get him to call her while away at college.

Ann Pinto McCarney hadn’t heard from her son, Liam, since he left for school a month earlier. She knew he was adjusting well, thanks to several text messages, but he hadn’t bothered to call her once since starting classes. In an effort to get him to call her, McCarney recorded a video addressing her son — which quickly went viral. 

“Do you remember me?” McCarney asks in the video. “'I'm your mommy! I gave birth to you. Actually, I didn't quite give birth - I had to have a C-section to get you out. [I got] a big scar and it hurt like hell! But that's OK.”

Throughout the video, McCarney guilts her son by reminding him of several times in his life when she and his father had been there for him.

“Remember the first two years of your life, there was this woman and you were always on her hip, you, like, never wanted to get put down?” she asks. “I'm that woman! I'm the person that always had you on her hip!”

McCarney also references her son’s father, shaming the college freshman for not calling him as well.

“Daddy helped you - do you remember daddy? He's six [feet] tall, really dark hair - a little bit gray. A little belly. He's really funny. Do you remember him? He was a part of that too,” she said.

The mother also reminds her son of the expensive private school he attended, and that she and her husband were the ones paying for it.

“You know what, wait a minute. Maybe I need to give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you haven't forgotten me, you've forgotten how to use a phone. But you know what? This is what I do. I'm a mommy, and mommies help their kids learn. Like I taught you how to go on the potty and ride a bike. So I'm gonna teach you how to use a phone,” she said.

“You're gonna put it up to your ear and you're gonna hear this ringing noise. It's gonna sound a little strange to you because I know you haven't heard it in a while,' she warns. 'So now I know I'm gonna hear from you, especially before your mother and father have to pay the next installment for your tuition in November.”

McCarney, a mother of whose video quickly went viral after it was originally shared, said her son wasn’t the only college student guilty of not calling home.

“He's not the exception to the rule. He's the norm,” she told NBC News Philadelphia. “He's really not doing anything that 50,000 other college kids aren't doing.”

“Sending your child off to college is so bittersweet to begin with. There's a combination of your heart is soaring and swelling with pride and yet it's breaking at the same time,” she added.

“So when you let them go like that, you don't want to feel like you've been completely erased from their life. I think it struck a chord."

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