Man Takes Advantage Of Woman On Las Vegas Strip (Video)

Man Takes Advantage Of Woman On Las Vegas Strip (Video) Promo Image

Two videos of a man straddling on top of what appears to be a very drunk female on the Las Vegas Strip have gone viral (video below).

The videos were posted by YouTube user Chris Haddow. They show a man on top of a woman who is lying on a street off the Las Vegas Strip, the Daily Mail reported. A bottle of what appears to be alcohol is also seen near the woman's head.

Haddow titled the videos "Brother taking advantage of a drunk white girl on the Vegas Strip."

It is unclear if the man and woman know each other. The man is seen trying to kiss the female, who appears to be intoxicated. Several passersby are seen staring at the pair, some recording the encounter on their cell phones.

At one point, another woman is seen intervening. She approaches the man and woman -- who are still on the ground -- and exchanges words with the man. It is unclear what was said, but she is seen walking away shortly afterward.

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The videos went viral and have been viewed more than 14,000 times combined. Several social media users speculated about whether the incident was a case of sexual assault or just a drunk couple showing too much public affection. Other users shamed Haddow for not breaking them up.

"Why in the hell didn't you do anything or call the police?" asked one YouTube user. "That's straight up sexual assault!"

"Chris Haddow if you are the person who filmed this you should be ashamed of yourself for not trying to stop it. This is disgusting," wrote another. "That dude is molesting that girl plain and simple and I'm sure if they weren't in public view he would have probably raped her. Outrageous."

"This is not your brother this is some drunk ass guy you recorded making out with his sloppy a*s girlfriend until security showed up," wrote one skeptic. "If he were A. you probably would've pulled him off the f**king floor and B. you would have probably fell out by now over how many times you clowned him over being with that whale, and you wouldn't be together anyway."

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Another user claimed that Las Vegas police said the man and woman were a couple, but provided no source for the information. The user also claimed the woman told police she was not being taken advantage of, and did not press any charges.

There has been no confirmation yet as to whether the man and woman in the video know each other.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube (2) / Featured Image: Max Pixel / Embedded Images: Chris Haddow/YouTube via Daily Mail

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