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Woman Arrested After Slapping Baby Repeatedly (Video)

Woman Arrested After Slapping Baby Repeatedly (Video) Promo Image

A video of a woman slapping her 6-month-old baby on the head repeatedly went viral on social media, leading to the arrest of the mother (video below).

The woman was identified as Aygul Kozhabaevna, of the Asian republic of Uzbekistan, the Daily Mirror reported. She was arrested after police began investigating a video that had gone viral on social media.

"We are trying to find this b***h. All women tag your female friends so we can save this infant," wrote Kim Griffiths, who shared the disturbing video. "This really needs to go viral. The b***h is not showing her face. She needs to be identified. Repost to your friends.

"To all officers and family please watch this video and pass it on. We need to identify this trash before it's too late."

In the video, Kozhabaevna is seen slapping a sobbing baby 42 times. The video was reportedly taken in August 2016. It was filmed by an 8-year-old girl who was the daughter of a friend Kozhabaevna was reportedly staying with.

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Kozhabaevna said she slapped the child repeatedly to "teach the baby a lesson" after it would not stop crying. The graphic video was shared by the Daily Mirror in a bid to help aid the police investigation.

Police spokesman Almas Sadubaev confirmed that Kozhabaevna was identified and arrested, adding that "she admitted her guilt and the fact it was her in the video" during the interrogation.

Kozhabaevna is now facing charges of child abuse and charges relating to the illegal crossing of the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

From one Facebook post the video was shared nearly 20,000 times. Several social media users commented on the clip. Most users were hoping for the woman to be brought to justice.

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"I would personally love to see this b***h get what she deserves," wrote one user. "It would only take a couple of decent [moms] or dads to slap her about until she hurts. She could possibly be held somewhere until someone needed a beating post for the rest of her miserable life.

"I would hope she didn’t have an accomplice as I would blame them even more than her not to have chosen to get help…"

"Don't it make [your] blood boil..since i watched this a couple days ago [I've] not been able to get it of my mind..heartbreaking it truly is," wrote another.

"Can't watch breaks my heart," added another user.

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Kim Griffiths/Facebook / Featured Image: Scott Davidson/Flickr / Embedded Images: CEN via Daily Mirror

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