Memphis Man Recorded Handing Toddler Loaded Gun (Video)


A disturbing clip from Snapchat shows a man giving a toddler a loaded gun (video below).

A concerned citizen forwarded the Snapchat video, which shows a group of adults in Memphis, Tennessee, handling various guns, according to WMC-TV.

In one clip, a man holding a toddler hands an allegedly fully loaded gun to the child.

"It was disturbing," viewer Henrietta Terry told WMC-TV. "I don't understand how a parent could let a child play with a gun. That was a toddler, a baby. What if the baby had dropped the gun? Any number of things could have happened. Guns are for protection; they are not to be played with."

Memphis police say they know who the man in the video is and are currently investigating the situation.

WMC-TV says it contacted the man in the video, but he declined to comment. He has not been publicly identified.

Sources: WMC-TV, YouTube / Photo credit: WMC-TV

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