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Watch: Man Punches Toddler In The Face (Video)

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A man in Bakersfield, California, was arrested after surveillance video caught him punching a toddler in the face.

The video, which surfaced online Thursday, shows a toddler running through the aisles of a convenience market. As the child runs away, the suspect sprints down an aisle and punches him in the face. The toddler falls to the ground, prompting the man to pick him up and flip him onto his feet. As the man begins to leave, a woman is seen taking the toddler away as he holds his face and cries.

According to reports, Bakersfield police identified the man after video of the incident went viral.

“I'm not defending this scumbag but to me it looks more like a slap then a punch,” viewer SteebieJ commented on World Star Hip Hop.

“Beating children is easy, raising them is hard. Love requires effort, time, patience and dedication,” another viewer, The Spirit Molecule, said. “This person clearly has none of that and is not fit to raise a child. People like this should be forcibly sterilized.”

The boy reportedly was not hurt and received medical attention following the incident.

Sources: ABC 23, World Star Hip Hop / Photo Credit:


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