Did San Francisco Giants Announcers Drop F-Bomb On Air? (Video)


The Miami Marlins were in the San Francisco Bay Area last night to play the San Francisco Giants, but some of the most exciting action seemed to come from the announcing booth.

When the broadcast was going to a commercial break after the fourth inning, the picture cut to the Comcast SportsNet logo, but the audio from the game continued (video below).

That's when the words "massive *******" were reportedly uttered.

Deadspin.com suggested it may have been the Giants play-by-play announcer Duane Kuiper dropping the f-bomb.

TotalProSports.com notes that the foul language could have come from Mike Krukow, the color commentator.

It's also possible it may have come from a third party.

Whoever cursed, they had good reason to do so because the Marlins won 7-2.


Sources: Deadspin.com, TotalProSports.com
Image Credit: Comcast SportsNet Screenshot


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