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Did Josh Duggar Really Go To Rehab? (Video)

Josh Duggar reportedly went to rehab last week following reports that he had been a member of the adultery web site Ashley Madison and had paid an adult film star for sex. Josh admitted to a porn addiction and to cheating on his wife Anna, noted ABC News (video below).

The Duggar family announced on their website on Aug. 26: "Yesterday Josh checked himself into a long-term treatment center. For him it will be a long journey toward wholeness and recovery."

Gawker reported on Aug. 26 that the Duggar's private plane, piloted by Josh's brother John David, flew from their home in Springdale, Arkansas, to Rockford, Illinois, late at night on Aug. 24, but then turned around after ten minutes and flew back to Springdale.

Entertainment Tonight noted, per an unidentified source, on Aug. 30 that Josh checked into Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois, a faith-based facility that the Duggar family has supported in the past. Tony Richardson, Director of Development at Reformers Unanimous, would not confirm if Josh was at the Christian clinic.

Unidentified witnesses recently told that Reformers Unanimous “students” traveled to the North Love Baptist Church, an affiliate of Reformers Unanimous, for a meeting on Aug. 28, but Josh was not seen; nor was Josh seen last Sunday at the required church services.

 “Josh definitely wasn’t there,” a churchgoer told “It was very strange.”

Sources:,DuggarFamily.comEntertainment TonightGawker, ABC News via YouTube / Photo Credit: ABC News Screenshot


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