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'Devil Tree': Ohio Hikers Discover Mysterious Tree Burning On The Inside (Video)

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A group of Ohio hikers happened upon a frightening sight: A tree burning from the inside (video below). 

In a video of the incident, a tree in the woods of Defiance, Ohio, can be seen in flames as the hikers watch in shock.

“What the f---!” one of the hikers says.

Strangely, no fire damage is evident on the outside of the tree.

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“How is this even possible?” one of the hikers asks. “It’s starting to get up and around.”

After being posted on Dec. 21, the 30-second clip garnered over 200,000 views by Jan. 1. Many YouTube commenters have dubbed the tree a "Devil Tree," according to the Daily Mail.

Watch the terrifying “Devil Tree” burn below.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

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