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Detergent Commercial Washes 'Black' Off Man (Video)

A controversial Chinese TV commercial features an Asian woman washing the "black" off of an African-American man (video below).

According to Shanghaiist, the ad is believed to have aired on Chinese TV and in movie theaters.

The Qiaobi laundry detergent ad begins with the black man walking into a room while the woman is doing laundry. He does a wolf-call whistle at her, and she motions for him to come over.

The man appears to have been painting, and has splotches on his face and shirt.

He tries to kiss her, but she resists and puts a detergent capsule in his mouth. She pushes him head-first into the washing machine and sits on the door, trapping him inside.

The man beats on the washer door as the camera cuts to the detergent boxes.

When the wash cycle ends, an Asian man climbs out of the machine, bringing a smile to the woman's face.

The commercial has been viewed more than one million times on the Shanghaiist Facebook page, where commenters wrote:

WTF? This implies that Black men are dirty, and therefore inferior to clean Chinese men. I do not think is a good commercial to be promoted in China.

It's just a commercial about a product that changes the [color] of your clothes, there's a version that goes from white guy to a black guy. nobody complained, but omg from black to yellow?? how dare you! You must be racist now! People on the Internet are just too sensitive for no reason, use your brain and laugh a bit.

I'm black and in China!! I don't even care about this!!! Why waste your time.... Ignorant people will always remain ignorant... As long as the car [tires] are black and [...] I use white toilet tissues to wipe my black a--...I don't give a damn about this advert at all!!!! Ignorance kills... racism will never end!!

Wow. That is really the most racist ad I have ever seen. Would certainly cause civil and criminal law suits if aired in other countries.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Shanghaiist/Facebook / Photo credit: Qiafobi Laundry Detergent via YouTube

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