Delta Agent Smacks Phone Out Of Boy's Hand (Photos)


A family is suing after an agent for Delta Airlines was filmed smacking a phone out of a 12-year-old boy's hand.

The family of Matthew Boggan,12, said the incident occurred in July at La Guardia Airport in New York. The boy was reportedly filming as the agent addressed customers who were angry about a 17-hour delay for their flight, the Daily Mail reports.

The clip shows the agent batting the phone away, and saying "Put the phone down." One passenger can be heard yelling, "Don't grab his stuff!"

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The family filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages. They said they were inspired to pursue the suit after seeing the United Airlines incident where Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a flight after refusing to give up his seat.

"We believe that Delta's actions here are indicative of the complete disregard the airlines have for their passengers," said attorney Terrence James Cortelli. "They simply do not have any sensitivity for the men, women, and children who ride their planes."

"We understand that delays happen. But here the delays went above and beyond," Cortelli added. "And not only that. They sought out and attacked and humiliated a child. As if he was to blame for the mess they created. And now they say he deserved it."

He noted: "Their actions are outrageous and we look forward to presenting our case to a jury."

According to the lawsuit, the family had to sleep on the floor outside the gate as they waited for their plane. As the agent began to talk to passengers, the young boy took out his iPhone 6S to take a video for Snapchat.

The agent told Matthew to put his phone down, before adding that it was "illegal" for him to film her.

Matthew said that was when the agent batted the phone away, according to New York Daily News.

"She just came over and hit me," said the 12-year-old. "My phone went flying. I was in shock."

According to Brian Boggan, Matthew's father, other passengers yelled, "This is child abuse!" after the agent hit the phone out of Matthew's hands.

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"They don't care," said Cortelli. "They know we're trapped. We have to do whatever they say."

According to an attorney for the airline, the boy "interfered with the Delta agent's ability to communicate an announcement." According to court papers, Delta said that the long delay was because of a "weather event" which had "effects on the air crew's availability."

Matthew said that he won't fly on Delta or United anymore.

"I'll only fly Jet Blue," he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: Nicky Boogaard/Flickr, Daily Mail, Michelle Boggan/Facebook via Daily Mail

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