Dead Deer Found Hanging From School Flagpole (Photo)


A dead animal was found hanging from a flagpole at a Florida high school.

Students at Brandon High School in Brandon, Florida, arrived on November 16 to an odd sight: a dead deer hanging from the school's flagpole. School administrators asked the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office to investigate the situation.

A representative for the sheriff's office stated that the animal was a full grown buck, which was hanging in the middle of the pole. It appeared to have been dead for about six hours, and had probably been shot.

WARNING: Graphic image.

"We have no idea who did it," Hillsborough County schools spokeswoman Tanya Arja told Tampa Bay Times. "We're assuming at this point it's some sort of prank."

School staff quickly removed the deer from the flagpole and moved it away from the public eye, but some students took pictures before its removal and posted them on social media, reported WFLA.

Detectives will view recordings from security cameras, as an alarm was reported to have gone off around 3 a.m. However, Arja explained it is unclear if the cameras captured the perpetrators. The reported hanging occurred while it was dark outside, and the cameras may not have been focused on the area near the flagpole.

According to the sheriff's office, possible charges associated with the incident may include improper disposal of a deceased animal and trespassing.

On the Fox 13 News Tampa Bay's Facebook page, many people are outraged by the alleged prank.

"Honestly... I cannot wrap my mind around how... Or why people act and do what they do," a woman said. "This is disgusting... This is animal abuse... Inhumanity at its finest. Praying for the people of this day and age because lord knows things are getting crazier."

"It's deer season," another woman commented. "I've seen deer hanging in a tree since before I can remember. Why hang it there is the question and was it taken illegally? Dumb kids messing around."

Sources: WFLA, Tampa Bay Times, Fox 13 News - Tampa Bay/Facebook / Photo credit: WFLA News, Tampa Bay Times

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