D.C. Subway Train Barely Misses Explosion (Video)


A dramatic surveillance video shows an explosion occurring only seconds after a subway train pulls away from its platform at the Federal Center SW Metro station in Washington D.C. May 5 (video below).

The Federal Center SW Metro and Capitol South stations were closed before the afternoon rush hour, and the Blue, Orange and Silver lines were suspended between two other stations -- L'Enfant Plaza and Eastern Market.

"So what we're gong to do tonight is replace all of those porcelain insulators at this station, so that we can re-open tomorrow," Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld told NBC Washington. "So that's what we're doing tonight. Capitol South has to remain closed for the trains to make the turnaround, that's what we needed. That's why that's closed."

There was also a separate "smoke incident" at the Federal Center station in the afternoon that was believed to have been caused by some debris on the tracks.

"We have to attack it aggressively because we just can't go through this day in, day out," Wiedefeld added.

During the closures, crews were to replace the porcelain insulators with fiberglass parts on the electrified third-rail system that provides power to move the subway trains.

Future delays could come as Wiedefeld announces a new Metro repair plan May 6.

"I'm going to lay out for people from a customer perspective where they get on the system and what the impact will be on them," Wiedefeld stated.

Wiedefeld gave a bit a preview of the repairs May 3 when he said that missing seals would be placed on power connectors (to help keep out water and debris) before September 2017, the original completion target, reports WTOP.

"We’re moving to have that done by the end of the summer this year," Wiedefeld said. "And I’m having a particular focus on the tunnels because, obviously, if there’s smoke in the tunnels, it’s different than if it’s above ground. And I’m shooting to get that done by June of this year."

Sources: NBC Washington, WTOP / Photo credit: D.C. Metro/SanVic via YouTube 

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