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Daytona Speedway Offers American Flags In Exchange For Confederate

Florida's Daytona International Speedway will exchange American flags for Confederate ones on July 4 and 5 at the Subway Firecracker 500 and the Coke Zero 400 NASCAR races.

"I think the goal of any NASCAR event, and specifically Daytona, we want to be inclusive to everyone,” said Joie Chitwood, president of the Daytona International Speedway, reports NBC Sports.

Chitwood added:

"The last thing you want is for anyone to come to a sporting event and really not enjoy that experience because of symbols that really represent things that we’re not proud of.

"... Going forward, (we) really have to look at where that other flag goes because it doesn’t have a place in our sport. We’ve got to take a thoughtful process on how we get to that point."

Chitwood said that were would be discussions about future events and the policy regarding the Confederate flag.

NASCAR Chairman Brian France told The Associated Press on June 27 that the Confederate flag was an "insensitive symbol" and added:

"We want to go as far as we can to eliminate the presence of that flag. I personally find it an offensive symbol, so there is no daylight how we feel about it and our sensitivity to others who feel the same way.

"We're working with the industry to see how far we can go to get that flag to be disassociated entirely from our events."

Sources: AP, NBC Sports, Daytona International Speedway
Image Credit: Doctorindy/Wikimedia Commons


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