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Daycare Worker Secretly Films Child Abuse (Video)

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An Alabama daycare center is under investigation after an employee secretly videotaped colleagues abusing the children there (video below).  

Amy Boyett worked at Kiddieland Child Care Center in Madison County, Alabama, where she claims she witnessed child abuse by fellow daycare workers, WHNT reports.  

Boyett then decided to take matters into her own hands.  She secretly filmed the workers' interactions with the children, and posted the clips to YouTube. 

"What was it that made you want to do this?" a reporter from WHNT asked Boyett.  

"Somebody had to speak for the kids," Boyett responded.  

According to WHNT, several dozen children attend the center, their ages ranging from six months to five years old.  

Boyett says she first noticed problems when she overheard another teacher yelling in her classroom down the hall that, "Nobody is going to believe you, it doesn't matter what you tell your parents, they won't believe you over me." 

"That's when I realized," said Boyett, "I really have to get proof because nobody will believe me, either."  

So Boyett began placing her camera on table tops and pressing the record button.  She claims she could not capture every instance of abuse, but the incidents she did capture were shared on social media.  

"Children are being jerked around, being put in high chairs and left sitting for hours," Boyett said. "They are being yelled at.  One little girl was picked up and slammed down in a chair."  

After Boyett posted the video online, she contacted the state DHR, and Madison County Sheriff's Office.  Both are currently investigating Kiddieland Child Care.  

When Boyett was asked if she believed that this mentality was known by management, she responded, "Absolutely.  They were just like the others.  In fact, I heard one of them tell one of the teachers, 'Whoop his butt, I won't tell.'" 

Kiddieland has so far declined to comment on the situation. However, they have retained an attorney and claim they will be making a statement soon. 

For Boyett, her solace comes from knowing that she did the right thing.  "Those babies that are being hurt in those videos, they are not being hurt anymore.  That's all I care about.  That's all I care about," she said, eyes filled with tears. 

Sources: WHNT, / Photo credit: WAAY TV

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