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David Letterman Refers To President Trump With This Word (Video)

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In a teaser of his interview on Sunday Today With Willie Geist, former "Late Show" host David Letterman talked about President Trump and even called the president a "goon."

“Even with other presidents that I’ve disagreed with politically, I felt like, OK, I can live with their representation, but I’m sick and tired of everybody wringing their hands about this. Let’s just settle this at the next election. Let’s just stop yacking about what a goon he is.” Letterman said in a video of the interview posted by Mediaite.

The host also commented about Trump's presidency stating, "As an American, I don’t like this man as a president of our country. I love being an American, but I don’t feel he represents me, and I don’t like that.”

While promoting the second season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, the host was also asked to give an opinion about how the late-night crew has been handling President Trump's administration.

“The people who are in charge now do a really good job of it. As I've said before, it's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge – as soon as you're done, you[‘ve] got to start all over — and it would be the same night after night after night after night.” Letterman replied.

Letterman also mentioned that he's glad to be no longer in “The Late Show” after his retirement in 2015. The host implied that he’d probably say something really “inelegant” or “ugly” about Trump if he stayed. He added that in this era, where people are forced to apologize more, he’d then be forced to apologize to Trump.

“You can’t apologize to this guy,” he said.

His statements went on to show that David Letterman has not softened up a bit — well, at least when it comes to President Trump.

Sources: Yahoo / Photo Credit: Google, Today

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