Daughter Explains Why She Had To Let A Cow Inside (Video)


When a mother returned home to the family farm in Pennsylvania and discovered her precocious daughter had let a cow into the house, she chose to allow the child to defend her decision. Her daughter obliged by launching into a rambling and adorable explanation (video below).

One day, Billie Jo Decker arrived home and discovered her family's pet, a calf named Izzy, nestling on the floor alongside her dog in the house's indoor porch. Instead of getting angry, Decker wisely pulled out a camera and asked her daughter, 5-year-old Breanna, to explain how the cow wound up inside the house.

"You wanna go over with me how she got in here?" Decker asked the excited child, according to Shareably.

Breanna wandered around the room, her excuses almost unintelligible but understood by her mother. When Decker calls her daughter on the lie that Izzy had gotten inside accidentally, Breanna bursts into sheepish laughter.

After exhausting her list of possible excuses, the child turns her attention to Izzy's well-being, noting that the calf had scraped her leg.

"This must be the recovery room, huh?" Decker responded. "It's a good thing you're such a good doctor."

Eventually abandoning any defense for letting the cow indoors, Breanna curled up against Izzy. Izzy responded by nuzzling the child's lap. The sight was so adorable that Decker could no longer be annoyed.

"That's just too sweet ... she loves you," the mother remarked as Breanna and Izzy cuddled. "This is so special. You have no idea how special this is."

Decker concluded that Izzy's friendship with Breanna was likely to inspire them to stop eating beef. Breanna agreed, caressing the calf's mouth and then recoiling.

"Ew," Breanna said, wiping her hand on her dress. "Slobber."

When Decker uploaded her touching video, she remarked that Izzy had almost died after shortly being born, arriving at their family farm with pneumonia. Despite the calf's delicate condition, Decker decided to allow Breanna to spend as much time with her as she liked.

"[Izzy] was very sick when she arrived ... I wanted to see them grow a bond, and I of course wanted to raise a happy and loving cow," Decker recalled, according to the Daily Mail.

Izzy and Breanna immediately hit it off. Decker was astonished to discover how affectionate the calf would become with her daughter.

"The first time I witnessed this cow wanting to be hugged and cuddled with my jaw dropped because I, like most, have been led to believe they are different," Decker said.

Breanna's connection with Izzy proved to be so heartwarming that Decker decided that certain things, like letting the calf indoors, could slide.

Sources: Daily MailShareably / Photo credit: Billie Jo Decker/The Daily Mail

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