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Dangerous Banana Peel Challenge Is Latest Craze (Video)

A new internet trend has teenagers across the country deliberately slipping on banana peels and falling to the ground.

It's called the "Banana Peel Challenge," and it was originated by teenager Jason Oakes, who posted a video (below) of himself testing how slippery a banana peel is on Twitter.

"I have a banana peel on the ground, and I'm going to see if it's really slippery like it is in the cartoons," he says in the video.

After a few failed attempts to crash to the ground, Oakes says that he's disappointed.

"I thought it would be like, really bad," he says.

But he spoke too soon. Seconds later he goes down hard, screaming and spilling a cup of water all over his kitchen.

The Twitter video has been liked more than 140,000 times, and retweeted more than 130,000 times.

The stunt has since been performed by countless teens, with the hashtag #bananapeelchallenge accompanying each video.

So far, no serious injuries have been reported in connection with the challenge, but it's hard to imagine it staying that way.

"Banana peels have the potential to become the next hoverboards," Dr. Bridget Dowd told CBS News, referencing the self-balancing scooters that sometimes explode while people are riding them. "They can cause increased morbidity and even mortality in some cases through concussions, head trauma, fractures and potential long-term disability."

"In the E.R., we see kids every day that make poor decisions leading to serious injuries," she added.

In 2015, another social media trend landed more than a handful of teens in the emergency room. The "Kylie Jenner Challenge" had kids attempting to enlarge their lips by suctioning them with a cup or jar, according to CBS News.

The idea was to make them look more like reality television celebrity Kylie Jenner, whose lips are remarkably big and plump.

Needless to say, the process went very wrong for a lot of the teens who tried it, leading to another hashtag: #kyliejennerchallengegonewrong.

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"The practice of trying to engorge your lips by suctioning can be dangerous," Dr. Andrew Salzberg told CBS News. "It's a traumatic injury when you're suctioning anything."

Fortunately, these kinds of ill-advised trends tend not to last long. However, it's only a matter of time before the next one takes off.

Sources: CBS News (2), YouTube / Photo Credit: PixabayYouTube, Twitter via CBS News

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