Dancing Kentucky Fan Drops Girl Down Steps At Basketball Game (Video)


Kentucky Wildcats fan Darren Moscoe, also known as the “Big Blue Boogieman,” dances during breaks at basketball games to entertain the crowd, but his performance took an unexpected turn on Feb. 9 (video below).

A young girl ran up the stairs to dance with Moscoe, who picked her up and tried to slide down a railing, notes The Big Lead.

Moscoe tumbled down the steps, accidentally dropping the girl.

They both appeared to be uninjured, and Moscoe later tweeted: "Didn't mean to hurt anyone I'm sorry."

During an interview with WKYT in 2015, Moscoe explained how he suffers from seizures due to his epilepsy, and used to have a brain tumor.

When the song "Mony Mony" plays in Rupp Arena, Moscoe dances on the stairs and sides down the handrail, which is his famous signature move.

Sources: The Big Lead, TwitterWKYT / Photo Credit: ESPN via YouTube

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