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Dancing Grannies Interrupt Live TV Newscast (Video)

A WDAZ news anchor was reading a story about falling gas prices on Dec. 9 when a group of dancing grannies invaded the set in Grand Forks, North Dakota (video below).

The senior citizen flash mob was from Choice Health & Fitness, notes

They danced to Elton John's "Step Into Christmas" while the news team donned Santa hats. The TV station went to commercial, and returned to promote its Toys For Tots charity effort. reported on Dec. 3 that the group entered a local grocery store and pretended to shop before breaking into dance with the same song.

"I think this is great," Gary Carson, a shopper, stated at the time. "It caught me totally off guard and I really enjoyed it."

The seniors are planning to make more surprise appearances in the area, presumably with the pop star's song playing.

Sources: (2) / Photo credit: WDAZ Screenshot

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