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Dad's Post About Paying Attention To Daughter Goes Viral

A father's caring Facebook post about paying attention to his daughter has gone viral, with more than 10,000 likes on Facebook.

Dr. David Rosenman wrote the Facebook post on Nov. 22, after taking his 9-year-old with him to an unnamed coffee shop in Minnesota, reports the Daily Mail. Rosenman was going about his usual morning rituals — reading the newspaper, checking emails — when he said his daughter interrupted him.

"Daddy, can you not read the paper or doodle or check email today? Can we just be together?" Rosenman's daughter said, according to his post.

The next few minutes played like the script of a Hallmark movie. After Rosenman's daughter showed her father her latest yarn project and Rosenman reminisced about the day his daughter was born, the father and daughter played a game, guessing whether couples in the coffee shop were on "dates," the Minnesota doctor wrote. 

"I watched her chew her breakfast sandwich and melted a little bit as I thought about how much I love her," he wrote.

Although dad and daughter were in their own little world, someone else at the coffee shop was moved by the sight of a father paying attention to his daughter. Rosenman wrote that when he briefly left the table to order a take-home snack for his son, he returned to find a hand-written note from a female teacher (below).

The teacher's note said she works at a school, according to Rosenman, where "many daughters don't have fathers, and those who do have never in their lives had him watch and listen and devote 100% of his attention to her for as long as you did on one Sunday morning."

"You have no idea what a gift you are giving to all the teachers who are responsible for educating her from now until she graduates," the note read.

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Rosenman wrote he hopes his experience inspires other fathers to pay attention to their children, instead of having their faces buried in tablets, smartphones or other distractions as their children's lives pass them by.

"Please don’t wait for your child or other loved one to plead for your attention like mine did -- he or she might not," he wrote. "Expect that no one will leave a note for you -- such beauty in this world is far too rare. I invite you to share the gift of this experience with me: choose to be present today -- even for just a little while -- for someone you love."

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Sources: Daily Mail, Yahoo Parenting, David Rosenman/Twitter / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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