Dad's Wet Pants Picture Goes Viral (Photos)


A Utah father's response to his young daughter wetting her pants in school is going viral.

Social media is calling Ben Sowards "Dad of the Year" after he showed up to his daughter's school with wet pants as an act of solidarity after learning she'd had an accident during class, WTVT reported. Hashtag #fatheroftheyear has even been created for him.

When Sowards received a phone call informing him that his 6-year-old daughter, Valerie, was crying because she wet her pants during school, he said his heart broke.

Then Sowards had an idea. To alleviate his daughter from her own embarrassment, he splashed some water on his pants to make it look like he, too, had wet himself.

The creative and thoughtful father showed up at the school's office and quietly asked Valerie if he could borrow her bookbag so that he could cover up his wet pants.

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Valerie went from tears of sadness to tears of laughter thanks to her father's heartwarming gesture. Her older sister, Lucinda, took to Twitter to share photos of their father and his wet pants.

"My little sis had an accident today at kindergarten & this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn't feel so sad/embarrassed," Lucinda tweeted.

The Twitter post quickly went viral, receiving more than 60,000 retweets and 250,000 likes. Several Twitter users commented on the photo, praising Sowards as the "Dad of the year."

"Being a father and seeing this is just amazing! You are the man!" wrote one user. "If the world only had more dads like you. Applaud your self sir. Way to go!"

"This is so pure and sweet i love this," tweeted another. "He deserves best dad award."

"That makes me tear up, what a thoughtful and kind way to help her," wrote another user. "Everyone saying 'I'd totally do that' but the real part is that he THOUGHT to do it when it mattered."

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While the post received mostly positive comments, there were some skeptics.

"But now the kids are gona think the family pisses themselves," wrote one user.

Other users seemed more concerned with the jeans Sowards wore.

"... don't you think those soiled pants would be better if they were Levi's??" wrote one user.

Lucinda is the oldest of 11 children, according to her Twitter biography. She and her family are strong advocates for foster care, and many of her siblings are foster kids.

The family is adopting four of their foster children in April, Lucinda told WTVT.

Sources: WTVT, Lucinda Sowards/Twitter / Photo credit: Lucinda Sowards/Twitter

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