Father Saws Daughter In Half In Viral Magic Trick (Video)

Father Saws Daughter In Half In Viral Magic Trick (Video) Promo Image

A clip of a magician appearing to saw his baby daughter in half has gone viral, sparking a debate about how the trick may have been pulled off (video below).

According to the Daily Mail, magician Justin Flom shared a video to the "The Magic Show" Facebook page showing his baby calmly laying down before he splits her body in two.

The father placed two books down to separate his daughter's upper half from her lower half before pulling her legs away from her body.

Flom placed his daughter's body back together before picking her up and giving her a kiss while she smiled back at him.

The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 143 million views in less than a month.

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Viewers immediately began speculating on how the trick may have been pulled off.

A common theory is that a mirror was cleverly placed on the bottom half of the table on which his daughter was laying, concealing the real bottom half of her body. Some suggested that there may be an area built into the table to hold the baby girl's body while her upper half stays above the surface.

"There's a mirror under the table that makes it seems like it's empty, but sadly there's a dip or hole where the babies legs are Look closely and you'll see light reflect off the mirror when the camera pans down," one viewer commented.

"At the end you can se her legs were tucked in the special table," another user added. "And both times it went either out of frame or his leg was covering it when he switched."

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Some suggested the video was simply cleverly edited.

"Actually it's just amazing photo editing skills nothing to do with under the table," one viewer wrote. "And when the baby is put back together they take the books off which are hollowed around the body, notice you don't see the books going on or off cause it's out of the camera lol."

Others pointed out that the books appear to be magnetic.

"That's awesome but when he brings the two halves together you can see the books magnetically snap back together," a user noted. "Watch it again and just look when he puts her back together lol know it's just for fun but that one moment when the 2 magnets come together needs to be a little more smooth. I still have no clue how this was done lol."

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