Woman Feels 'Blessed' By Family, Pays For Meal (Photo)


A father at a restaurant with his children received an unexpected, uplifting surprise from a stranger.

Redditor gorram85 said he had been having a difficult time as a father. While at a restaurant that is “generous to feed [his] kids for free,” he received a folded napkin with an encouraging note from an elderly woman who was “blessed” by his children.

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I have enjoyed watching your precious children & how they interact with one another. I had 1 older sister & 2 younger brothers. My sister & 1 brother have passed away & I miss them terribly. It is always fun to imagine how we were as children & how mom handled all of us. You are obviously doing a great job..... big brother even shared his pickles voluntarily.

God blessed me this morning with a few extra dollars & I'd like to spread the blessing because your family was a blessing to me as I enjoyed my lunch.

Keep doing what you're doing with them and the world will have 3 more great adults one day.

A Mom & Grandmother.

Although the father was grateful the woman paid for his meal, he was even more appreciative for the encouragement that few parents ever receive.

"If you took it that I'm hard up financially there's a little bit of that but emotionally I appreciated reading this at a time where I felt challenged as a parent," gorram85 continued. "That said, I have truly enjoyed being able to share it with others because a deed like this rarely gets the recognition it deserves."

Several reddit users felt inspired by the event and expressed desire to do small things to encourage others.

"That's great! We should all do more to spread kindness," wrote jammbin. "Thank you for sharing this, I think it's a very touching [...] note. Maybe others reading it will be inspired to recognize how impactful small acts of kindness can be."

In 2013, the family of a child with special needs received a similar note, as reported by CNN. During a meal, the non-verbal son of Ashley England started to act out, a man paid for their meal and sent a note that read, "God only gives special children to special people."

"He just doesn't know what we've been going through and how much it was needed at the moment," said England.

Sources: Reddit, CNN / Photo credit: Lionesse Gem

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