Dad's Response To 6-Year-Old Son's Loan Request Goes Viral


An unidentified dad recently turned down his son's request for a $20 loan by replying to him with a formal business letter from DAD Savings and Loan.

The boy's mom originally posted a copy of the letter on Imgur on Jan. 14.

"We regret to inform you at this time that we are unable to provide the loan in the amount requested of $20," the letter read. "After reviewing your account, we find that you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores.

"Furthermore, over $80 has been spent in discretionary entertainment expenditures since Christmas. This is an unsustainable amount of expenditure, and we cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with occurring further debt at this point."

The dad may have meant "accruing" or "incurring" instead of "occurring."

The letter ends with an offer to appeal the decision with the "complaints department" and speak to a dispute manager, who is probably the boy's mother.

The dad concluded the letter with: "Thank you for choosing DAD Savings and Loan, we appreciate the chance to serve your financial needs."

The photo of the letter has received over 4 million views on Imgur in one day.

Sources: / Photo Credit: Imgur Screenshot

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