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Dad Trolls Son After He Gets In Trouble In Class (Photo)

After finding out his son was misbehaving in class, one Texas father's amusing punishment caught the world's attention.

"I like to talk a lot, and so my teacher kept emailing my dad about it," confessed 17-year-old Bradley Howard of his behavior in physics class, BuzzFeed News reports.

In response, Howard's father -- also called Bradley -- made an unusual threat to his son.

"Hey, if we get another call I'm going to show up in school and sit beside you in class,'" the dad said.

And then the day arrived when the father had to make good on the threat.

"We got a call yesterday so here is dad this morning!!!" the boy's mother texted, attaching a photo of her husband in the son's high school class.

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For the father, it was a strange experience.

"I was a bit nervous being there among the teenagers," he said. "Mentally I hadn’t prepared to go into a situation like that."

At first, his son didn't realize his father was sitting at his desk.

"I didn't even notice him until after I had said hi to all of my friends, but I was super shocked," the teen recalled.

The boy's friends found the situation hilarious.

"I think they had a good time," said the father. "Especially knowing that Bradley was put in an uncomfortable situation."

After the boy's sister posted about it on social media, the rest of the world got in on the joke.

"Hahahahahahaha shut up!" tweeted one. "I love this."

"Greatness!" said another person. "This is just good parenting."

Many related to the threat.

"My mom has done it!" wrote one person on BuzzFeed News' Facebook post about the incident. "School is for learning and recess is for play! I'm grown now but I'm sure she would show up at my job today if she felt I was 'actin' up.'"

"Did this to my kid but I made sure went in there the complete opposite of what I look like on a normal day," recalled one mother on BuzzFeed News' website. "I didn't do my hair, did a horrible job of putting on makeup and my outfit was less than flattering. The teacher knew what I was going to do and was okay with it. This was 2.5 years ago and I haven't had a single incident where I had to go back up to his school since then and I seriously doubt I will."

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