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Watch: Dad Confronts Young Son Over $7,500 Bid On eBay (Video)

A young boy who wanted to buy himself a present on eBay made his father furious when he accidentally bid $7,500 on two Xbox 360s.

In a viral video, a father can be seen pressing his son, Nathan, to admit to his mistake, according to the Daily Mail. The video was uploaded on Oct. 2, and it has since been removed from YouTube. It is still, however, being hosted on the Daily Mail's site. You can watch it by clicking here.

In the video, Nathan's father, who is filming, approaches the boy while he is preparing to brush his teeth in the bathroom.

"Tell me what you did," the dad says.

"I had fun," Nathan responds nervously.

The father continues to interrogate him.

"Did I order something off of eBay?" Nathan finally answers.

After his father presses him some more, Nathan admits that he ordered two Xbox 360s for $75.

His father corrects him -- he actually bid $7,500 on the pair of gaming systems by accident.

"Do you know how much $7,500 is?" the dad asks. "That’s the price of a vehicle Nathan. You basically bought a small car."

A voice off screen tells them that it is more than Nathan's mother paid for her car.

"That’s a lot of money dude," the dad says.

According to the video, the bid was at $70 before Nathan entered the wrong amount, upping the price by $6,900.

"I’m pretty mad at you dude," the dad says, laughing. "This is ridiculous... I’m taking a video, this is evidence of a crime."

The dad says that Nathan will not have internet access again, much less access to eBay.

The father makes the boy promise that there will be "no more bids on eBay."

Fortunately, the parents were likely able to void their transaction on the auction website, which has a fairly forgiving policy.

"If you have bid on the wrong item, bid too much, or just simply changed your mind, you can retract your bid without any penalty or disgrace, but you should do so as soon as possible to be fair to the vendor," the website's return policy states on

The policy also states that "buyers sometimes make mistakes when placing bids" and encourages users to retract the erroneous bid as soon as they can through a simple process.

Sources: Daily Mail,, YouTube
Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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