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Father's Unusual Punishment At NBA Game Goes Viral (Photos)

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Every parent wants to encourage their child to do well in school. Some parents just know how to motivate their children better.

CNN recently reported on one of those special parents, a man who knows how to teach his child a valuable lesson. Tommy, who didn't wish to give his last name, came up with a particularly interesting punishment sure to make his son, Thomas, pay attention in school. And by doing it at an NBA game, he made sure the whole world paid attention to Thomas' grades, too.

The first sign appeared on March 24 during a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Charlotte Hornets game in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was professionally printed, it had a crying emoji, and it was savage. A burn seen round the world.

It read: "Thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here. Love, Dad."

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The message was clear and his dad wanted him to remember it: Thomas, you messed up.

The images of Tommy holding his sign quickly went viral after an ESPN reporter re-tweeted them. After setting the internet ablaze, it made the leap to live TV as talk show hosts made it a talking point.

But Tommy was far from finished. Two days later at game between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder in Houston, he struck again, and his son won't soon forget. The second sign was printed like the first, crying emoji and all.

"Thomas can you hear me now? STUDENT then ATHLETE son. In that order. Love, Dad. "

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Tommy's second message aimed right at the heart of the issue. His son had better be paying attention, here and in school.

Tommy told Inside Edition that two signs were enough, and his son understood the situation clearly: focus more on his Mandarin class.

No one has yet heard from Thomas, and probably for  good reason. After his father's stunt, most speculate Thomas will be working as hard as possible not to draw any more attention.

As for how the public felt about this particular punishment, the reactions have been mixed. World Star Hip Hop tweeted a picture of Tommy holding his first sign with the words, "Father of the Year." But others, like TV personality Sharon Osborne, have called Tommy out for punishing Thomas publicly.

To his credit, Tommy told Inside Edition that while his praxis was public, the message was personal. At the end of his interview, he held up one more sign that read, "I love you," and added an extra message for Thomas: "This is the only sign you need to remember."

Sources: CNN, Inside Edition / Photo credit: CNN

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