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Dad Captures Family Dog Hilariously Romping In Snow (Video)


A father took his family out for a day in the snow, but did not anticipate that the one who might enjoy it most would be the family dog (video below).

A black Lab named Rafi was caught on video sliding around in the snow, much to the delight of his family. He does not appear to be perturbed by the freezing slush, but rather enjoys it.

According to Dog Time, Labradors are reportedly one of the most active of dog breeds, coming from a deep history of functionality as fetchers. They were used often in the North Atlantic to help haul rope, catch fish, and fetch nets for fishermen in frigid temperatures. Labradors are also the U.S.' most popular dog breed.

Labs are large dogs that need plenty of exercise in order to remain healthy. Dog Time suggests ample room in a backyard, or plenty of walks if an apartment is the owner's current setup. Or, perhaps, a romp in the snow. Their enthusiasm and energy can be a bit too much for the casual dog owner, so it is suggested that Lab owners lead active lifestyles.

PetMD says Labs can reach 2 feet in height and weigh anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds. They make fantastic pets and are generally an incredibly friendly breed, although they can exhibit certain sensitivities to loud noises and become anxious.

Labs have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, which is considered to be on the shorter end for dogs. One of the more common ailments for the breed is joint-related pain, since they remain active and exuberant for much of their lives. They are also particularly susceptible to obesity since their appetites are insatiable and many of their owners find themselves rewarding the good-natured dogs too often with treats or snacks.

Rafi, like every Labrador, has a waterproof coat and a thick skin that protects him from the water and cold of the snow. Swimming, wading, and water in general are all areas of expertise for Labradors, who have been bred for use as hunting and gun dogs.

According to Pet Place, Labs can sometimes frustrate owners who were hoping for a laid-back animal, as Labs have a tendency to keep their puppy-like temperament and energy for two to four years. They also carry a designation of "fear-biters," a phenomenon that occurs when normally friendly and docile dogs are threatened or cornered. Despite this, Labs remain one of the friendliest and most eager breeds.

Sources: Dog Time, petMD, Pet Place / Photo credit: Renee Johnson/Flickr

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