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Dad-To-Be Left Shocked By Image In Sonogram (Photo)

A soon-to-be father posted on Reddit a picture of an ultrasound of his wife's womb, sparking puzzlement among commentators.

The post, titled "My wife is pregnant with a sports car," garnered over 490 comments in three days.

The picture appears to show a car with two wheels, a window and a steering wheel.

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Commentators were amused by the image and set off a string of puns and witty comments.

"Dont flatter yourself bro, its clearly a crossover," one Reddit user wrote.

"The Fast and the Fetus," commented another.

Ultrasound photos with seemingly strange shapes have become viral sensations on the Internet in the past.  One such picture was said to show a "demon" watching over the baby, while another couple was convinced King Arthur's face could be seen in their ultrasound, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Reddit, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: firegrl811/Flickr, Reddit

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