Wakeboarding Dad Saves Daughter From Falling (Video)

A Utah dad who was filmed wakeboarding with his daughter nearly dropped the young girl into the water, but managed to pull her up at the last second (video below).

Kevin Farr was reportedly teaching his daughter, Brinsley, the basics of wakeboarding as the little girl held on to his legs, according to Daily Mail. In the clip, Brinsley tumbles off of the board, but Kevin manages to pull her up with one arm at the last moment, using some quick reflexes.

The video, shot in 2012, went viral online after a Reddit user posted the clip to the site, captioning it "On this week's episode of 'Please don't tell your mother...'"

The user might have been mistaken about the situation though, as Kevin said that Brinsley's mother, Amy, was the one recording the video.

"My wife, Amy, is actually better than me," said Kevin, according to KSL.

Some Reddit users were concerned about the safety of wakeboarding with such a small child.

"My mom would not have let 3 year old me do that," said one commenter.

"I might question his judgement to have the kid there, I mean, by all account, this is f***ing unsafe, even with the vest, but I guess, when you have that level of reflex, who cares?" commented another. "Probably the mom, though."

Others said those who were concerned simply didn't understand enough about the sport.

"This is completely safe. The only problem here is her arm positions. Instead of grabbing his front leg from the outside, she should instead wrap her arms around his front leg from the inside," said another user who added that he had been "putting kids on wakeboards and wakesurfers since the late 90s."

"Dad is there, it's calm waters on a nice afternoon on a lake," another commenter added. "If the kid falls off guess what? Dad jumps off and gets the kid in a matter of 30 seconds. People don't drown instantly. I'd be concerned with dry drowning if anything (even this would be incredibly unlucky). Obviously hypothermia isn't going to be a problem either. The worst that happens is the kid gets a mouthful of water and panics a bit."

"Children aren't fragile," said another user who criticized overly cautious parents that had expressed concern over the video. "And I bet that this guy's 3-4 year old handles herself better than a helicopter parent's 3-4 year old. Just because some people have weak, sheltered kids doesn't mean everyone does."

The near-fall didn't stop Brinsley from learning the sport, and she is now reportedly a keen wakeboarder.

To stay safe while wakeboarding, Discover Boating suggests wearing a life jacket at all times in the water, as well as using a short rope if you are a beginner wakeboarder. The website also recommends staying close to the boat, and using the correct boat speed, a maximum of about 14-19 miles per hour.

Sources: Daily Mail, KSL, Reddit, Discover Boating / Photo credit: Red CreaDeporte/Flickr / Video credit: YouTube

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