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'F*** Off': Cyclist Curses Out Car He Cut Off, Rides Into Pole (Video)

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A cyclist got what was coming to him after cutting into traffic and cursing out a driver who nearly collided with him.

In the video (shown below), shot from the cyclist’s helmet, the biker can be seen riding in a bike lane while cars pass in the lane next to him. He continues to ride as the lane becomes smaller, then attempts to pass another cyclist who was riding in front of him. As he rides around the fellow cyclist, he moves into traffic and seemingly nearly collides with a red car driving behind him. 

The car honks, prompting the cyclist to turn his head and respond.

“F**k off!” the cyclist says as he flips the car off. 

When the cyclist turns back around, he begins to veer too far towards a median and quickly hits a pole. He falls off of his bike and lands on his back, before hopping back up. 

“He was dumb enough to upload him being a moron?” one viewer commented on Reddit.

“Idiot, gets passed by a cyclist and speeds up just to overtake even tho [sic] he was slower, doesn't look before overtaking and doesn't signal,” another viewer wrote. “Then proceeds to swear at a rightfully pissed of driver and finally crashes into a curb because he is incapable of riding a bike properly, and to top it all off he uploads it. I am speechless.”

Watch the cyclist get instant karma below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube

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