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This Cute Little Duckling Tries So Hard To Stay Awake (Video)

A video featuring an adorable little duckling trying really hard to keep his eyes open to stay awake is making the rounds on the Internet.

Whether you are studying late at night for an exam or finishing something for work for the following day, we all know what it feels like trying to shake off drowsiness to stay awake.

This cute little duckling could also be most people on a Monday morning or when the bartender tells you to go home after a night of heavy drinking.

Check out the video below as this little guy works hard to keep his eyes open (Warning: cute overload):

The 48-second clip shows the duckling’s owner caressing him lightly. But every time he dozes off, the baby duck suddenly snaps out of his slumber.

The above video has garnered more than 500,000 views since it was first posted to YouTube on March 16.

Sources: Liftbump, Mashable / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Prince Henry/YouTube


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