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Customer's Kindness To Deaf Cashier Goes Viral (Video)

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Fast food customers showed the meaning of kindness to a disabled Whataburger employee who was having a rough day (video below).

Deaf worker Taylor Pope found himself in the stressful predicament of being the only cashier during a late night rush at Whataburger, according to Little Things. As the line grew longer, it was tough trying to fill orders from patrons, but reading lips added an extra element of difficulty.

Pope had problems understanding one couple and they had to repeat their orders multiple times.

Seeing Pope struggle, the customers did something amazing. Instead of letting their hunger get the best of them, the customers thoughtfully wrote down their orders if Pope couldn’t read their lips.

Customers also spoke slower to accommodate Pope.

“It was just incredible to witness,” customer Colby Sanders told KDFI. “I think the one thing that stood out was [Pope’s] smile.”

The show of compassion by customers that night brought Pope's mother to tears. His mother, Jennifer Pope, told KDFI she was astounded by what she witnessed. “I just couldn’t believe it. It was just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s just very indicative of Texas. Because in other places, there would be some judgment or some frustration,” says Whataburger manager David Bladel.

No one complained or acted annoyed at the fraught cashier who was trying to do his job, according to Sanders.

Following the event, Sanders shared the story on Facebook and it quickly became viral, reports KDFI.

“It was just very nice to see everyone come together to help him while he was working,” she said.  

Taylor says it was hard for him to get a job once prospective employers learned he was deaf. He’s been working at Whataburger for two years.

He also hopes the occasion “shows that people with disabilities should not be afraid about who they are.”

Taylor is now moving up at Whataburger and is a manager-in-training.

Sources: Little Things, KDFI/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via KDFI/YouTube

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