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Customer Upset After Finding Offensive Note From Car Wash Employee (Video)

A Georgia woman says she was very upset after she saw what a car wash employee wrote about her on her receipt (video below).

Misty Thomas visited All Seasons Car Wash in Snellville, Georgia, on Saturday to get her car detailed, 11Alive reported. When she came back the next day to pick up her vehicle, she was not satisfied with the job they had done.

“There was dog hair everywhere, still on the seats… The inside hadn't been cleaned at all,” Thomas told the news station. “The tires themselves hadn't been cleaned.”

Thomas had paid $40 for the service, but asked the manager to clean it again.

“I said can you please redo my car? I've already paid for it,” Thomas said. “I've already tipped the detailers, but I don't think I should have to wait in line with everybody else.”

The manager agreed.

But when Thomas went to get something out of her car while the vehicle was being washed, she found something.

“When it was being wiped off and detailed, I went to my car to retrieve my daughter's medication… and, I saw a note on the outside of my car on the windshield,” Thomas said.

The note read: “B***h is crazy.”

“I started shaking. I started crying. I was like, what is this,” said Thomas. “How do people operate like this? How do you treat customers this way?”

Thomas took a picture of the receipt and showed it to the manager, Ryan.

“He said, ‘I don't know who did it. I didn't do it. I was in the back. Your car is ready,’” Thomas recounted.

Ryan told the news station he had no comment, but said the employee who wrote the note should be fired. He also said he apologized to the customer, but Thomas insists he didn’t.

Thomas filed an incident report with the Snellville Police Department. She said she wanted an official record of what happened because her 14-year-old daughter was with her at the time of the incident.

Sources: 11Alive, USA Today

Photo Credit: WXIA-TV, Screenshot


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