Homeless Man Makes Selfless Sacrifice, Gets Big Reward


A Minneapolis, Minnesota, man was stunned when he learned what a homeless man did to help a woman and her child in need.

Fernando Herrera took to Facebook to share the the remarkable story, explaining that he noticed the act of kindness while walking past a man having a casual conversation with a woman and child:

I don't usually post things like this up but this man stuck out to me more than anybody ever has. He gave all his change to a mother and her child so they could take the bus to their shelter. He was walking into Hook's Wings when the mother [asked] him for some money so her and her child could get home."

He knew if he gave it to her he wouldn't have money to eat and yet he still gave it to her. He started walking away when I called him. I offered to pay for anything he wanted and he still remained humble enough to decline my offer. After a few words I finally got him to agree. Even though he agreed he still tried to pick the smallest order possible. He ended up ordering a 6 piece wings with fries and I ordered a 20 piece wings with fries and a drink.

When we finally got the food I gave him my order and I took his. I thanked him for showing me that money doesn't mean anything if you aren't helping others. In tears he thanks me and hugged me. Some people are blessed more than other[s] but that doesn't mean we're better than them. It's a test God gives us to see who we really are. Help others because you never know when you'll need help.

Ferrera's post quickly went viral, garnering more than 388,000 likes and 121,000 shares on Facebook.

"When you take the time to bless someone else your blessings are in the works!" one reader commented in response.

"I would have done the same thing," another wrote. "It feels good to help people out when you can."

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In a similar incident in Massachusetts, a woman made headlines for spending her lottery winnings on a homeless man, buying him coffee and paying for a two-night stay at a hotel so he wouldn't have to spend his nights out in the cold, according to New York Daily News.

Sources: Fernando Herrera via Facebook, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Fernando Herrera via Facebook

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