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'Went To The Pet Store...': Puppies Caught Cuddling Together (Photo)

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A customer at a pet store stumbled onto an adorable sight.

Redditor Dazymanatee posted a photo of the moment between two puppies, alongside the caption, “Went to a pet store and saw this happening.” 

The photo shows two puppies cuddled together with their eyes closed, lying on a bed of shredded paper. 

“If someone buys one they better be getting both dogs,” Redditor Huntard08 wrote in response.

“Absolutely no way I'd be able to leave without those sweet babies. I know you're never supposed to buy from pet stores but come on look at them!” Not_A_Muggle added. “This is why I avoid pet stores like the plague.”

Check out the heartwarming photo below.

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Sources: Reddit, Imgur

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