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'I Just Got Chills': Restaurant Customers Go Above And Beyond To Show Support For Police (Video)

A customer at a local diner paid for a sheriff’s meal and wrote a message of support on his receipt stating “#Blue Lives Matter” (video below).

In Elizabeth, Colorado, police supporters have been placing a strip of blue tape across their back window to show solidarity, KWGN reported.

But that’s not all they’re doing.

The Sheriff of Elbert County was eating at Catalina’s Diner on Friday when he ordered his usual.

“He always orders his Blue Cheese Bacon Burger,” Javier Larios, one of the restaurant owners, told KDVR. “I guess blue means a lot to him too.”

A family dining at the restaurant noticed the sheriff.

“Right when they walked in, they saw the sheriff and they said we want to take care of his tab,” Larios said.

When it came time to pay for his bill, the sheriff was told it was already taken care of.

Larios handed the sheriff his receipt.

“The receipt said, 'I got your #6.  #Blue Lives Matter,'” Larios said.

The sheriff took to Facebook to show his appreciation for the gesture. He wrote that it’s an act that made his day, his week and his month.

“You could see the excitement and sort of wondering who did it and wanted to thank whoever left the note for him,” Larios said.

Colette Pollard, another regular customer at the diner, learned about the gesture on Facebook.

“I just got chills when I read it,” Pollard said. “Yeah that’s really nice. People need to respect who they are and why they are there.”

Larios echoed Pollard’s statement.

“People need to understand they are risking their lives for us,” Larios said. “I feel like they deserve a lot of respect.

“We all have to take care of each other and have each other’s back.”

The sheriff declined to speak on camera, saying the act was not about him. He did tell the news station that he happened to be in uniform that day and humbly accepted the kind gesture on behalf of his fellow police officers everywhere.

Sources: KWGN, KDVR

Photo Credit: KWGN


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