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Fire Rescue Crew Thanks Customer For Picking Up Their Tab At Florida Restaurant

A customer at a Florida restaurant picked up the tab for four fire rescue workers and left them a note thanking them for their service.

The fire rescue employees from Citrus County were having lunch at the Breakfast Station in Beverly Hills when they received a note from a customer that read, "Be Safe Guys & Gals…Much Love."

The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, also paid for the fire crew’s lunches, WFLA reported.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to thank the customer. They wrote:

"WISHED TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS: Four of our Fire Rescue personnel including two firefighters from Station 14 were eating lunch at the Breakfast Station in Beverly Hills and a customer wrote this note and paid for their lunches.

Our agency is beyond humbled by the love and support everyone in this community has shown our guys and gals in uniform over the past couple of months. Our sincerest THANK YOU to the kind hearted person behind this gesture! #WeSeeYou"

Several Facebook users commented on the post, praising the fire rescue workers and the person who wrote the note.

"We need to recognize those who serve us more often," wrote one user. "Amazing gesture, good going."

Sources: WFLA, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook


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