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Customer At Burger Restaurant Leaves Huge $585.50 Tip

A customer dining at a California restaurant decided to leave a more than generous tip of $585.50.

The unidentified customer stopped by the House of Juju restaurant in Clovis County Thursday for lunch and ordered a Betsy Burger with a soda, the Fresno Bee reported. When it came time to pay the bill, the server, Justin Glenn, was left stunned.

“I just didn’t think it was real,” said Justin, who manages the restaurant and is the son of the owners. “I looked down thinking it was 58 cents, and then it was, ‘OK, maybe it’s 58 dollars’ and ... no, $600 was the total.”

The food itself was just $14.50, making the tip a whopping $585.50. Glenn decided to share the generous tip with his co workers.

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“He (kind of) got weak in the knees, and he just got really overwhelmed at the reality that somebody would do that,” said Julie Glenn, Justin’s mother.

The payment went through and a customer who dined at a nearby table said he overheard the man talking about leaving a big tip. The big spender was just one of a group of nine diners at one table who all requested separate checks.

“Nobody was over 25 years old. That was the crazy thing,” Justin said. “For whatever reason they just decided to really give a huge blessing.”

Justin shared the tip with eight of his coworkers, giving them about $73.19 each. He believes he knows the diner by sight, but said he doesn’t know his name because the receipt shows an unreadable signature.

A photo of the receipt was shared on Facebook.

The caption read:

“A HUGE THANK YOU from Justin Glenn and todays team to the AMAZING MAN who GAVE so much today!! Words can not describe the way we are feeling right now! Our whole staff was blessed by your generosity as Justin tips shares to all because it takes the team. We are overwhelmed and more than grateful for your gift!!”

But this isn’t the first time a House of Juju customer showed some generosity. Last year, a customer paid a neighboring table’s bill. The kind act inspired a week-long pay-it-forward campaign and the following week, customers bought other people’s meals.

Julie also recalled two customers separately asking to pay for the meals of two military members who were dining at the restaurant last week.

“We feel like we have got the most amazing customers in the world,” she said. “All of this is just a testament to that.”

Sources: The Fresno Bee, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook


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