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Customer Bullies Ice Cream Employee About Her Weight (Video)

Justine Elwood, an employee at the Cold Stone Creamery in Layton, Utah, was insulted by a customer about her weight Dec. 5 (video below).

"It's never good to hear that kind of stuff about yourself," Elwood told KTVX. "It definitely didn't make me feel good, for sure."

The customer reportedly told her child in front of Elwood: "If you have too much ice cream, you're going to look like her."

"I was just kind of shocked because I feel like that's not something you should say in front of kids anyway," Elwood told the news station.

The same customer reportedly wrote a nasty review about Elwood on Yelp Dec. 10, which has since been taken down:

Coldstone has been one of our favorite places to go as a family and enjoy quality ice cream, specifically the Layton location. Unfortunately, I have had a specifically unsatisfying experience the last few times we have come into the store. One of their female employees Jessie? Jennifer? J something, is disgustingly obese, and each time we come in, although she does her job, and is very polite, instantly makes my appetite disappear.

I understand the need to hire bias free, but when [someone's] looks interfere with my experience at an establishment I can't help but complain. As a mother I don't like my children thinking they will look that way by eating too much ice cream. Overall a good establishment with fast service, and delightful treats. We love Coldstone,  just not all the employees.

"Unfortunately it wasn't something that I'm not used to," Elwood told KTVX. "I'm kind of used to it, which is horrible, but it's just something that I've kind of dealt with throughout my life."

Elwood's mother, Daphne Felley, said: "At first I was really angry, and I wanted to find the person and say face to face what are you thinking?"

After Felley posted the Yelp review on her Facebook page Dec. 7, she and her daughter received an outpouring of online support.

"It's just amazing to see people support somebody when they don't even know who she is," Felley added.

Elwood was back at work Dec. 10, and was met with balloons, gifts and well wishes.

Additionally, a GoFundMe page was set up to help fund Elwood's dream of being a doctor: "This is a gofundme created for Justine McKail. She is a full-time student at Salt Lake Community College studying to become a Surgical Oncologist. Her dream is to finish studying at the University of Utah."

Sources: KTVXGoFundMe / Photo credit: KTVX via YouTube

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