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Creepy Photo Surfaces Of 'Death' Alongside Subway-Surfing Kids (Photos)


Three kids were pictured subway-surfing on the outside of a moving train while a creepy image of a skull-like figure was spotted beneath them.

Manhattan real-estate broker Sean Futterman took the photo of the three thrill-seekers as they clung to the back of an uptown train on Monday around 6 p.m.

Futterman said that he and other onlookers yelled at the kids, telling them not to attempt the dangerous stunt. Instead, the kids laughed and shouted obscenities as the train pulled away.

Many who viewed Futterman’s photo claimed to spot what appears to be a skull beneath the kids on the bottom of the train, though it is believed to be a trick of the light.

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Subway surfing has been a popular stunt since the 80s, and has claimed the lives of dozens since 1989.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia,


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