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Creepy Clown Sneaks Into Chicago Cemetery, Waves (Video)

A Chicago couple recently caught a clown sneaking into a cemetery, and filmed the bizarre incident on a cell phone (video below).

Julia Graham told CBS Chicago that the clown was running towards the gate of the Rosehill Cemetery when she and her husband drove by.

They stopped and took a picture of the clown scaling a 7-foot-tall gate into the cemetery.

“This was somebody like putting forth a lot of effort, and being really weird,” Graham recalled.

The clown spotted the couple (who were filming him), waved at them and disappeared into the graves.

According to Chicagoist, there are some famous people buried in the Rosehill Cemetery including: Richard Warren Sears (department store), Aaron Montgomery Ward (department store) and Vice President Charles Dawes (under President Calvin Coolidge).

Sources: CBS Chicago, Chicagoist / Photo Credit: CBS Chicago Screenshot


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