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Craigslist Ad Surfaces Offering 'Baby For Sale' For $15,000 (Video)


A Florida Craigslist ad selling a baby sparked concern across social media.

The ad offered a 7-month-old baby for $15,000 and included pictures of a child that the poster described as “ungrateful.” While some believe it could be a joke, residents of Fort Meyers, Florida, said it raises a serious issue in the area.

“Kids are being trafficked for labor, but I have also seen them being trafficked for many other reasons,” Children’s Network of South Florida spokesman Ray Fischer said. 

“If somebody did it for a joke, not funny. Just not funny. It's not using common sense and not using your protective capacity as a parent."

Florida, according to WBBH-TV, is one of the top three states for human trafficking in the country — with 310 cases reported in 2015.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said that while the ad was done in poor taste, there is nothing illegal about it. The Department of Children and Families has yet to indicate whether it plans to investigate the posting.

Sources: WBBH-TV, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube, NBC 2 

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